Aropä: Peer review made easy

What is Peer Review?

An instructor sets students an assignment. After students have submitted their assignment, they provide comments on submissions from other students. Once the review process is complete, students read the comments their peers have made on their own submission.

Aropä is a web-based system which supports peer review activities in large classes. Aropä has been used since 1999 at the University of Auckland in courses as diverse as Anthropology, Commercial Law, English, Music, Engineering, Film and Television, Information Management, Marine Science, Pharmacology, and Population Health. Since its introduction at Glasgow University in 2010, it has been used by courses in Computing Science, Classics, Biology, BioMolecular Science, and Management.

Aropä has been designed by John Hamer and Helen Purchase. If you would like to use Aropä in one of your classes, please contact us at or