Information for instructors

An Aropä peer-review assignment has the following steps:
  • The instructor specifies the requirements for submission (for example, a pdf file, a PowerPoint file etc.), the closing date for submissions, and the closing date for reviews.
  • The instructor defines a rubric to guide students in their reviewing, and indicates how many assignments each student should review.
  • Students upload their assignment submissions.
  • After the submission deadline, students review other students' submissions online using the specified rubric.
  • After the review deadline, students can see other students' reviews of their own work, as well as all reviews of the submissions that they themselves have reviewed.
  • If the rubric has included quantitative judgements (e.g. allocation of marks, or Likert scales), the instructor can download marks for each submission.

The Aropä User Guide describes the whole process of getting started, setting up a course and an assignment, creating a rubric, and monitoring and accessing the student activity. It also describes the range of different features and options. Because it is a good idea to plan the whole peer-review activity from start-to-finish, this guide is intended to be read from beginning to end before starting (you will find the system much easier to understand if you do this!)
The Aropä FAQ document provides answers to frequent queries we get from instructors and students.